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Photo by David Fischbach

"Without a doubt one of the best voice teachers I have had the pleasure to work with!  she is a wonderful teacher who pushes her students to do their best!  She is kind and cares so much for all of her students!  I am so blessed to know an amazing woman like her!" ~ Gabbie Bloomingburgh, mezzo-soprano


"Absolutly amazing voice teacher! Strength in teaching proper vocal technique.  She is encouraging, patient and motivating.  She adapts to all learning styles to ensure that you truly are learning the correct skills.  I highly recommend studying with her!" ~ Danielle Grilli, soprano

"Amanda Santo is an absolutely wonderful teacher.  Not only is she an incredible singer herself, but she genuinely cares for her students and adjusts her teaching style to get the absolute best out of her pupils.  She knows how to push her students to their hightest potential without being overwhelming.  She's just an overall wonderful person to work with and learn from." ~ Victoria Jessop, mezzo-soprano


"Professor Santo has pushed my voice to the limits.  I didn't think I could go to, and then beyond them.  I've had an amazing couple of years working with her, and without her, I wouldn't be anywhere near the level I'm at today.  I only wish I cold have worked with her for longer." ~ Liz Limburg, mezzo-soprano


"Awesome teacher!  Makes everything very easy to understand and is very aproachable.  Amazing teacher!

~ Jessi Migliozzi, soprano


"Amanda Santo takes an in-depth interest in her students. She doesn't just go through the motions. She is so passionate about helping her students." - Corey Mulvey, baritone 


"I have such great admiration for Amanda Santo.  Thanks to her, I have a better understanding of my voice and she has inspired me to become a voice major.  I would be lost without her." ~ Reagan Williams, mezzo-soprano

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